Curse of the Damned

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Life is Beautiful

Life is beautiful. No matter what happens, no matter the horrors of the day to day living, life is beautiful.

At least, that is the way I look at it.

My reasoning is that everything holds a certain beauty to it. You just have to give it a title. In death we see decay and bloodshed. Tears and soil.

I see the cycle beginning anew. The bones decomposing and giving life to a beautiful garden. Where we see violence, anarchy of the worst kind, I see a revolution of the thought, enlightenment of the being.

Life exists in both beauty and monstrosity. It is dependent on you to give it a name, and on you to focus on which aspect.

I merely focus on what I want, realizing that the other exists. Therefore, life is beautiful, simply because I make it so.

Graduation picture. I look weird without my long hair but I will get over it.


Alright, I have to get my apologies in order as I have not been logged on for what seems like forever. The reason, I am now a United States sailor. My updates will be sparse but I will try my best. Thank you for listening.


I remember the room in Russia perfectly. It’s quite like this in all honesty. All small square, probably just another hole in some faux government building that they allowed you nice folks to have. You even have it right down to the annoying dim yellow light and the metal table that is meant to scare me by amplifying the sound of you slamming files down on the table.

Nice touch by the way. A tad cliche but you gentlemen pulled it off.

The only thing missing, well, I wouldn’t call them something. I think missing two people is better. Anyways, the only two people missing are the two Russians that reek of vodka and something else. I think it was fermenting potatoes.

That would explain why there were eyes on their fingers.

But two Americans in fancy black suits is a much better change. Would be more intimidating if you were speaking to the right person.

So, seeing as I know oh so many things, what is that you two want. I have very many secrets and it’s getting harder and harder to keep track of them. Don’t always know what people want as shocking as that may sound to you two CIA folks.

Or are you guys FBI. NSS maybe? Or is there a branch that I don’t know of?

Are your hands twitching for those standard issues you have underneath your suit jackets. Is that a threat, or you guys just flirtin’ with me?

Writing for Money

I am now writing for money. I am hoping to make some money from it to tied me till I go into the service.

Hope it works out

The Man Who Had the World

He had the entirety of the world at his disposal. He could command it to his will with just a few words. But it did nothing for him in the long run. For all the gold in Elderado’s halls, for all the stars in the sky above him, they could not compare to the beauty of the other worldly treasure, glistening brilliantly in its own life. But he could not obtain it as of yet. He yearned for it, to touch and admire it up close. A glistening jewel, shimmering in the sky.

Just out of his reach.

She was the girl that stared at the world through the glass. The world she saw was full of wonders and mysteries and fear and dangers. She yearned for the adventure she saw, to be with what she saw.

But she was scared. She knew the positives, that she would never know anything until she committed the act. But she also saw the negative outcomes of life. She stayed distant from life, waiting to move in, knowing it was waiting for her arival.

They were each other’s, and yet no one’s all in the same.

He was the man who had the world at his finger tips and she was the girl who stared at the world through the glass.

Anonymous said: WOW @ tumblrdatinggame(.)com WTF is this.. my little brother's roommate is on this and I think I saw you too lol

Where did you see me?

The Unknown

Perhaps he was a man of great stories

  Whispering words to anyone that would bother to listen to him

Maybe he was a soldier

  Serving his country proud

    Following the orders of the reaper

His name was probably strong

  Like his jawline

    Powerful like his muscles

Under suspect, he could be suave

  Able to pick his prey with ease

Or, he could be unknown in every aspect of the word

  An enigma to the world around him


Look at the trees and how they bend in the wind. Notice how most trees only have the tops and the limbs bend while the trunk stays rigid. Now relate it back to the world around us. No I am not saying that society grows strong like a tree. That is an overused plant analogy.

One way is looking at it is like this. The word leaders rude upon the backs of the strong. The branches of a tree, the tops of them, all of it goes to the trunk, the strong, the people. The only way for a tree to be strong is to prune the branches and make it so the trunk is sturdier than the branches.

Another way is look at the leaders as flexible, being able to bend in the wind. They are able to go with the tide. You see, if the branches were not flexible, the tree would snap.